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Amria Ahm-REE-ah A curse or violent oath
Augustri Angh-GOOS-tree A ring, often magical in nature
Baba BAH-ba Old woman. A term of respect
Bater BAH-ter A term meaning “so be it” used to conclude deals or other arrangements
Baxt Good luck.
Bujo BOO-shoh An elaborate swindle to gain something, usually money, from a gaje.
Deltumnimos Del-TOOHM-nee-mos Literally, “God’s embrace,” a magical potion that expands the abilities of the imbiber’s mind.
Dhartime DAHR-ti-mey A Gypsy touched by or “claimed” by the element of earth
Diklo DEEK-loh A heavy scarf often weighted and used as a weapon.
Dilo DEE-loh A fool or imbecile
Dook Dook The Sight, or magic in general
Draba DRAH-bah Amulets and other items of magical power
Drabarne Drah-BAR-ney Gypsy mages skilled at creating draba
Dukkerin DOOK-er-in The art of fortunetelling or the use of the Sight
Gaje GAH-zhey Any non-Gypsy
Giogio JOOR-gee-oh Another term for a non-Gypsy
Justama ZSHAH-tsee-mah A Gypsy touched by or “claimed” by the element of water
Jhanaki ZSHAH-NAH-kee A Gypsy touced or “claimed” byt the element of air
Kumpania KOOM-pah-ne-ya A group of Gypsies who live and travel together, often, but not always, an extended family
Kumpaniyi KOOM-pah-ne-yee Plural of kumpania
Kuyan KOO-yahn A Gypsy touched by or “claimed” by the element of fire
Marhime MAH-ree-mey Unclean or impure. Any who have defiled their Blood. The opposite of wuzho
Mule MOOH-ley A ghost or spirit of the dead
Mule-vi MOOH-ley-vee A medium or an item capable of reaching the world of the dead
Paramitsha Pah-rah-MEESH-tah Gypsy fairy tales
Patteran PAH-tehr-an The special Blood Affinity of the Phuri Dae, or an important symbol or other piece of information
Pena PEEN-ah Sister
Phral Farhl A full-Blooded Gypsy, or true Rom
Phuri Dae FOO-ree Dah-EE One of the Gypsy families of power. Also any wise woman or woman with magical powers
Posta POH-sta A sacrifice, usually ritual in nature
Prala PRAH-lah Brother
Prikaza PREEK-ka-za Bad luck
Rom Rohm The Gypsy race or an individual of Gypsy Blood
Romany ROH-mah-nee The Gypsy language, in all its dialects
Satarma Sah-TAHR-ma Star. Also a Gypsy touched by or “claimed” by the element of spirit
Shilmulo SHEEL-moo-loh A vampire. One of the “cold dead.”
Talith TAH-leth A Romani weapon consisting of a heavy scarf (diklo) weighted and barbed along each end, or the art of using one of these weapons.
Tsurara TSOO-rah-rah The Knife Tribe of Gypsies. One of the newest, and most radical, families of power
Tumnimos TOOM-nee-mos The vampiric embrace
Vardo VAR-doh A Romani wagon, camper, RV, etc
Whzho WOO-zhoh Pure, untainted. The opposite of marhime.
Zapaderin Zah-PAH-der-in A unique, hypnotizing Romani dance from and Blood Affinity

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