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This is a Wiki set up to function for all and any World of Darkness rooms or Table Top games.

When I originally started this site I ran a on-line chat room, named Twilight Cities, revolving around oWoD RP. The room lasted seven years before many real life issues became hampering to my ability to keep the room running. It was fun and I would do it again if I had the time to do so. Currently I play in a Private Room on IMC where things can run at a pace of the few who play there.

Some merits and flaws you may find here are unique and specially made for play in TC but can be used in other rooms or in Table Top games if the Storyteller likes them and wishes to use them. You may also find some notes I've left that were adaptations for the room.

Otherwise everything is taken straight from the books and is 'as-is' right from them.

Feel free to look around. A lot of work was put into this and I do hope you enjoy it and abuse it. I meant for it to be useful and abused. :)

If you have never played Role Playing Games or haven't played Wold Of Darkness line of RPGs Click Here.

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